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This section is intended for larger volume users or resellers. To qualify for wholesale prices, we require a minimum of a $250 purchase. Various price levels are available based on monthly volumes.

For access to wholesale prices, please fill out the Online Request Form and submit it to us. We will respond to your request via e-mail.

Compatible/Remanufactured Cartridges

We carry compatible cartridges for ink and laser printers and photo copiers. These cartridges are match original cartridge quality, and produced by the world’s leading manufacturers.

Bulk Ink / Refill Kits

Out company offer a comprehensive range of inks for desktop and wide-format printing, include dye based and pigmented ink, archival and artist inks. These superior, cutting –edge refill inks are perfectly match OEM printing specifications.

Refill Accessories

We offer the accessories that may be used for refilling cartridges, bottling ink or packaging recycled cartridges. Include: print head cleaning solution, resetters, refill tools, sealing tapes and clips, empty bottles…

Bottle Toners

We offer “Pre-tested by our lab” black, color toners and MICR toners for laser printers and photocopiers. We also carry drum, PRC, wiper blade, doctor blade, Mag roller, chips, box for remanufacturing laser cartridges.

Printer / Cartridge  Parts

If you service printer and copiers, we also can get the parts for any brand name inkjet, laser printers and copiers. We also carry drum, PRC, wiper blade, doctor blade, Mag roller, chips, box for remanufacturing laser cartridges.








Reink Depot™ is one of the best franchise opportunities. The inkjet and laser cartridge market is continuing to expand and the Reink Depot™ service centre brings affordable printing to neighborhoods and has been saving it’s customers 60-90% on the cost of their printing, and helping the environment by reusing cartridges.

Reink Depot

Own Your Own Business
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Franchise Packages

The Ink/Toner Cartridge Refill Franchise is a comprehensive package that includes everything you need to successfully do business. Our offering is all about value: value for your customers, as well as value for you.

The Ink/Toner Cartridge Refill Franchise package provides you with ease-of-entry, complete business support, and a comprehensive training package—everything necessary to set you up for success!

We provide:

  • Assistance in location selection
  • Complete technical and business training
  • Customer Service Center Setup
  • A complete selection of inventory (with substantial retail value)
  • Office supplies and equipment

Location Selection and Lease Negotiation

As an optional service, we will work with you to investigate, identify and obtain a satisfactory business location.

Complete Training

Training is provided at the International Franchise Support Centre (IFSC) in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and includes all aspects of the operation and management of an Ink/Toner Cartridge Refill Systems Franchise: from refilling ink/toner cartridges and using our technical documentation, to marketing and customer service.

You will meet the IFSC organization and begin a relationship with the people who work to support and develop your franchise every day.


Step-by-Step Franchise Process
Inkjet - Ink Cartridge - Ink Refills - Printer Ink - LaserJet - Toner Cartridge - Toner Recharge - Franchise Opportunity


What are the steps towards starting a successful business relationship with Ink/Toner Cartridge Refill Systems Inc.?

Investigation Period

1. Apply

Submission of your application is confidential and carries no obligation. This will enable us to assess your financial status, personal and business background and a location preference. Ink/Toner Cartridge Refill Systems will respond to you within a few days regarding your application. If you qualify, we will forward a Federal / State / Provincial-required Disclosure Document for you to review.

Application / Pre-Approval

2. Investigate

Do your homework. Please thoroughly read the Disclosure information (available at next contact) and all other materials. Visit our International Franchise Support Centre (IFSC) in Vancouver, BC. Meet our President and his team, and tour our manufacturing, training, marketing and distribution facility.


3. Respond

After you have received the Disclosure Information, read it over carefully. Once you have considered all other materials for 14 days, you are positioned to become an Ink/Toner Cartridge Refill Franchisee. At this time you should be satisfied with your investigations. When you sign the Franchise Agreement, we will require a $5,000 deposit, complete all the legal agreements, schedule your training and manage all the other details.

Execution of Franchise Agreement

4. Execute

At the time of execution, and upon location selected, you will require to complete the franchise fee of $25,000 ( you need pay $20,000).   we will begin location decoration and training.

Training / Preparation

5. Learn

Now that you are an Ink/Toner Cartridge Refill franchisee, you will attend the IFSC in Vancouver, BC, Canada for two weeks of comprehensive training. This training will cover the technical, financial and business-related aspects of operating your Ink/Toner Cartridge Refill location.

6. Prepare

You will need to complete a business plan, procure your business license, tax ID, and arrange for phone lines, Internet, and other related issues. Grand Opening approved advertising materials are available.

Grand Opening of Customer Service Center/shop

7. Open

Your new business is now ready for opening, together with the launch of your Grand Opening advertising and public relations program.